Alleged shooter defends actions in strange first court appearance

Alleged shooter defends actions in strange first court appearance

30-year-old Adam Foster, accused of shooting two Bonner county deputies last week, made his first appearance in court on Thursday, trying to defend his actions during several outbursts.

He’s being charged with the attempted murder of Deputies Michael Ganon and Justin Penn last Monday.

Foster had no problem speaking his mind in court, taking several opportunities to discuss his recollection of that day. Court documents also help shed new light on Foster’s state of mind.

Those documents say deputies were attempting to arrest foster last Monday for two counts of battery.

His mother had called 911, saying on two occasions he had pushed or hit her, and threatened to kill police if she called 911.

And sure enough when deputies arrived, Foster opened fire on them.

But as the judge read the details of that day, Foster apparently didn’t remember it that way.

“I understand there’s a lot of things you said that are not true. Is the paperwork you have, is this wrong?” questioned Foster.

He seemed to have a particular problem with the judge reading the names of the deputies involved.

Foster claimed, “I understand the charges that are proceeded to be in front of you, but these people were not there.”

The judge even tried to help Foster out, reminding him that his words could later be used against him.

The judge told the defendant, “sir, I want to inform you that you do have the right to remain silent.”

But it didn’t seem to stick with Foster. The outbursts just continued.

“Again, these people were not there. They were thugs. They were not police officers. They were not dressed in uniform.”

In court documents, Foster’s mother says he has been acting paranoid the past several weeks, and believes the government is after him. She also said he has possibly been abusing methamphetamine.