Alleged pimp arrested on human trafficking charges in Spokane

Alleged pimp arrested on human trafficking charges in Spokane

Several agencies worked together to arrest at least one man suspected of human trafficking and commercial promotion of sexual abuse of a minor.

Police arrested Pierre Jamel Davis on multiple charges last week. His bond was set at $500,000.

According to a 40-plus page affidavit filed in Spokane County court, Davis was “pimping out” underage girls for sex.

Investigators said they have evidence one of them provided an apartment for girls involved in prostitution.

The girl’s mother said she believed her daughter was groomed for this by a male mental health counselor in Idaho. That man has since been arrested on other charges.

Court documents indicate Davis may have taken up to $10,000 that was paid in exchange for sex with the young girls. She said she was recruited on Facebook by someone who asked her if she wanted to make money selling her body.

Court documents say the girl lived in Spokane hotels while working as a prostitute and that she also traveled to homes and businesses in Coeur d’Alene. She said her pimp set the prices and that she had about 50 clients who paid her up to $300 an hour.

She said she was “brainwashed” by the pimp and that he would post pictures of her online on texting apps and the website

The victim identified her pimp, who she knew as “Rico”, as Pierre Jamel Davis.

Davis has a criminal history in Spokane that includes gang ties and an arrest for a home invasion. He served time in the Washington Department of Corrections for robbery and conspiracy and was on probation until 2014.

The rest of the affidavit details the activity online that police used to trace the actions of Davis and others. It’s not clear if the other men named in the affidavit have been arrested for any crimes. One girl even describes putting money on the books of one of the alleged pimps while he was in jail.