‘All Those Small Things,’ film shot in Spokane, debuts at Seattle Film Festival

SPOKANE, Wash. — In a period where a lot of us have found ourselves reflecting on our lives in this pandemic, in All Those Small Things, so does longtime British gameshow host Jonathan Robbins, played by actor James Faulkner.

“You’re rich, you’re famous, what else is there?” Reads a line from the movie’s trailer.

His character’s quest for deeper meaning takes him from London to the Lilac City.

“This is a story about someone you know, in the advanced stages of their life really recognizing that in terms of relationships with family, with friends and people we don’t know,” said Nike Imoru, executive producer at Rebel Kat Productions.

Rebel Kat is a female-led production company based in Spokane — so naturally, you’ll see some familiar sights.

“We shot all over Spokane,” Imoru explained, “we shot in some beautiful homes as well. We would move from location to location.”

The Garland District, Vinegar Flats and WSU’s Nursing School are a few spots making appearances.

“You must be the busiest man ever but if you end up in Washington…” Faulkner’s character reads from a letter in the trailer.

So what makes the Inland Northwest an ideal filming location? Imoru says it’s easier to film here, and she credits her film family.

“The filmmakers here, particularly North By Northwest, have really strong relationships with the community and so that makes it easier for all of us to do our job,” explained Imoru.

All Those Small Things makes its world debut at this year’s Seattle Film Festival, and comes with a timely, spiritual message many of us have come to accept this past year.

“So what this film does is remind us in very powerful ways that it’s worth recognizing there are small things and that those small things matter,” said Imoru.

In the meantime, don’t be surprised to see more Rebel Kat productions popping up around town in the future.

“I plan to bring every film that I know that is possible to be made to Spokane,” said Imoru.

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