Alaska Airlines cancels, delays more flights as pilots picket for better pay and flexible schedules

SPOKANE, Wash.– Check your flight status before you head to the airport.

Alaska Airlines pilots are picketing for better pay and more flexible schedules so they can spend time with their families.

As of Saturday, flight-tracking website FlightAware showed 53 Alaska Airlines flights out of Seattle had been canceled as of 4 p.m. It also showed about 47 delays. For the Spokane Internation Airport, FlightAware showed three canceled flights for April 2.

On Friday, the airline announced that more than 120 flights were canceled, impacting plans for 15,000 travelers. Alaska said in a statement that more flight cancelations were possible through the weekend.  The Air Line Pilots Associations says Alaska pilots are picketing in five cities across the country including Anchorage, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. 

Alaska Airlines said it’s been talking to the Air Line Pilots Association about a new agreement since 2019. However, things got put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jenny Wetzels, VP of Labor Relations for Alaska, says a new pilot contract remains a top priority for the airline. 

You can check the flight statuses out of Spokane Internation Airport here.

You can check flights statuses out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport here.

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