Airway Heights man who was beaten, robbed for $1.50 shares his story

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. — A man in Airway Heights was beaten and robbed for just $1.50 in change.

Terry Fritts said he had just finished grocery shopping at the Walmart in Airway Heights on December 30 when two teenagers jumped him.

Those two teens have been arrested, but they left Fritts with a broken nose, some loose teeth and also broke his only pair of glasses.

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“A kid comes up to me and he doesn’t even say anything. He just says give me your money and punches me lightly in the nose,” Fritts said. “I pushed him away and said get the hell away from me.”

At that point, Fritts thought a bystander was coming to help him.

But it was actually just another attacker joining in on the assault.

“Every time he asks for money he punches me in the face, so I couldn’t grab anything to give him anything,” Fritts said.

To make matters worse, Fritts was already down on his luck. He’d just lost his job a couple weeks before.

“I’m trying to find a job and these are my last few dollars that I have from my final paycheck and things, trying to get a little bit of groceries, trying to survive and they’re punching me,” Fritts said.

But when you’re down, you never know who might pick you up.

Strangers from Airway Heights heard about what happened and gathered up more than $400 in cash and wrote a nice card for Fritts.

A dentist in Spokane Valley even offered to fix his teeth for free; a treatment which would’ve cost nearly $5,000.

“We’re more than willing to do it, seeing this patient come here, he’s such a nice guy,” Jayme LaMountain, an employee with Dr. C Family Dentistry said.

Fritts’ faith in humanity is now restored thanks to the kindness of strangers.

“I was really surprised, because there’s so many other people that you think don’t care, and it’s nice to know perfect strangers care,” Fritts said.

Fritts said he’s just happy police caught the two suspects so quickly.

Now, he’s just hoping his luck continues to turn for the better by landing a new job.