Airway Heights family shocked to find racist flyers posted to their car

White Genocide

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. — “It’s time to do your part and save our race.”  

An Airway Heights woman was shocked to learn those words were stuck to the windshield of her car Friday night. 

“What the heck is wrong with people?” Chantel Hill said in a post to Facebook. 

Hill says her brother found the flyers, which condemn the Black Lives Matter movement, Antifa, and the idea of “race mixing.” 

“Your race starts with you and ends with you,” one of the flyers reads, in part. It’s signed by 14 First, a pro-white organization. 

According to the organization’s website, their goal is to “stop white genocide” which they believe is happening through race mixing. 

Hill says she called Airway Heights Police, who said a report couldn’t be filed until they had a more tangible suspect. Hill, who is Native American, says the flyers left her worried for the safety of her family. 

“As soon as I saw the Nazi propaganda my heart sank and was immediately worried for my loved ones and felt like someone was watching me and felt unsafe, not fearful, but hyper aware of my surroundings,” said Dean O’ Hill, who found the flyers.