Airbnb working to identify hate groups making Olympia reservations ahead of inauguration

Airbnb plans to go public in 2020

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Airbnb is doing everything in its power to keep violence out of Olympia ahead of President-elect Biden’s inauguration. 

The popular vacation rental app said in a statement it plans to review reservations booked during inauguration week in Olympia. 

If we confirm that guests are associated with a violent hate group or otherwise not allowed on our platform for violating certain community policies prohibiting violence or engaging in criminal activity, we will cancel those reservations and ban them from Airbnb,” it reads. 

Airbnb says it will also report information to law enforcement, if necessary. 

The announcement comes in response to recent riots at the U.S. Capitol that turned deadly. Roughly 400 Washington National Guard members were deployed to D.C. earlier this week to provide aid, should it be needed come Wednesday. 

In Olympia, law enforcement and barricades surrounded the state Capitol on Sunday, a safety measure as the legislative session commenced. 

“The efforts are complementary to our ongoing efforts to keep our hosts, guests and communities safe by working to identify individuals who may present a risk of violence such as members of violent hate group members and others publicly confirmed to have been responsible for the violent criminal activity in the U.S. Capitol Building,” Airbnb concluded.