Age is only a number at Hoopfest

Age is only a number at Hoopfest

It doesn’t matter if you are seven-years-old or 70-years-old – age is just a number at Hoopfest.

For first time players, the excitement is contagious for the players, parents and fans.

“I’m just excited that we won this game because now we are going to the championship,” player Jackson LaRue said.

When it’s Hoopfest, you bring your “A” game.

“Our strategy is we are going to do lots of screens, pass a lot and make lots of baskets,” LaRue said.

Age is only a number at Hoopfest

Those cul-de-sac practices paid off when the “Northside Nets” won several games this weekend.

“It just kind of gives you the goose bumps when they score baskets,” coach and dad Jeff LaRue said.

Jeff couldn’t be prouder of his son and his team.

“It’s just an honor to coach them just to be around these little kids they are trying their hardest,” Jeff said.

While the boys battle it out on the court, so do the girls. “Small but Mighty” is made up of eight-year-old girls from all over the state. Jasmine Lundberg’s dad came up with the name.

“We are small so we think that’s the perfect name,” eight-year-old Jasmine Lundberg said.

“It’s good we had three games and we won two and lost one,” 8-year-old teammate Ellie Haas said.

It was a slam dunk for their first Hoopfest.