After health struggles, this local couple celebrated their gender reveal from inside a shark tank

SPOKANE, Wash. – When you are a parent, every moment is special.

When you have been through what Jon Hepworth has, those moments feel even more like a gift.

“I had Hodgkins when I was 12-years-old. I went through chemo, radiation, had a bone marrow treatment. I went through the whole thing down at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah,” said Hepworth. “I recovered from that, thankfully, and then when I was 24 – after going through different tumors – I got papillary thyroid cancer.”

He never thought he would get here.

“I was just thinking if I can make it to 15, that’d be great,” Hepworth said. “The doctors told me, when I did receive treatment, it would be a 98% chance that I couldn’t have kids.”

In Vitro Fertilization has made Hepworth and his wife Bree’s parenting dreams come true. They have one beautiful baby and another on the way.

This time, they wanted to celebrate their second miracle in an epic way. Hepworth is a diver at the Blue Zoo at Northtown Mall, so the couple decided to do their gender reveal from inside the shark tank.

“It’s definitely a first,” said coworker Justin Wood.

Luckily, the entire team there was ready and excited for the challenge.

“We really have a close-knit family of people here and we’ve been really lucky to bond the way we have,” explained Wood.

It took a few weeks of trial and error to pull it off.

“Even this morning, it didn’t want to sink all the way ’cause we added a few more balls so the diver ended up sitting on it, but it worked and all turned out on the end,” said Wood.

Ultimately, a fellow diver got in the tank to help with the big reveal and… it’s a girl!

The Hepworths said they would have been happy no matter what, they were just so grateful to be able to get pregnant,

They said they will continue to raise awareness about infertility, as well as cancer. Jon is working with the Blue Zoo to plan a night out for kids and their families battling cancer to come enjoy the place that brings him so much joy!

Check back here to stay updated on his story and upcoming event.