After battling addiction, this Spokane man is brewing up success with Ladder Coffee

Ladder Coffee in Browne’s Addition has been open for about a year and already, they’re expanding their business.

The company is set to caffeinate Spokane Valley next. Ladder Coffee is partnering with Canopy Credit Union to open a new location next month. But, the road to becoming a fast-growing company hasn’t been easy.

“We just want to be a rung in people’s life ladder. Whether it’s – you’re working for us for six months, or if it’s a career that you’re working for us for fifteen years. We just want to be a space that is created for people,” said Aaron Rivkin, owner of Ladder Coffee.

Rivkin knows this story well.

“Roughly 2009, 2008 – I experienced heroin for the first time and with that – it led to a four-year addiction where I got incarcerated for a year. Got out in 2012,” Rivkin said.

He wanted to be better, surrounding himself with people who wanted the same.

“Back in 2017, we just started gathering on my front porch, had a little home espresso machine,” Rivkin said.

That eventually turned into Ladder Coffee.

“We created a space that was just unique in itself that people just wanted to gather,” Rivkin said.

Rivkin went from prisoner to entrepreneur, now partnering with Canopy Credit Union to build another shop. Also, sharing the same values.

“They’re not just here as a coffee business, and we’re not just here as a credit union. We’re here to make our communities better,” said Charlotte Nemec, president and CEO of Canopy Credit Union.

Rivkin, never forgetting the climb it took to get here.

“It’s a heavy burden, but it’s something that I have for – to see change within our city, within people, so it’s an honor for sure,” Rivkin said.

The new Ladder Coffee location in Spokane Valley is set to open sometime in December. They said it’s more than three times the size of their Browne’s Addition location.