AFL owners propose CBA to players

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Labor agreement issues have long been an issue between the Arena Football League team owners and it’s players. On Tuesday, owners offered the players a new collective bargaining agreement proposal, the main points of which are listed below.

Length: Proposed CBA would run through the 2019 season

Salary: Will increase from $400 per player to $825 per player starting in 2013. Salaries will increase by $25 a game each season until the CBA expires after 2019. If the CBA is proposed this season, salaries will increase to $500 a game for the rest of 2012.

Housing: Players will no longer receiving free housing from teams. The option to rent housing from teams will exist. Players will be free to make their own arrangements.

Meals/Insurance: Teams will still provide meals and medical insurance for all players under contract.

Travel: Teams will be required to pay for travel for players who are traded. Before, the team had the option to pay.

Team owners shared the proposal with the players on Tuesday. Player representatives from each team will share the players thoughts with Union heads, and then go from there. Owners are hopeful an agreement will be reached as soon as possible.