Addy Neighborhood Wakes Up To FBI Raid

Stevens County resident Kevin Coy?s morning started out anything but normal, with FBI agents posing as a road crew as they staked out his neighbor, and ended with the arrest of that neighbor, Kevin Harpham, as he left his home.

Around 7 a.m. Wednesday, Coy woke up to the sounds of Stevens County road construction equipment.

?Saw that it was just a road crew and was like, ?Thanks for waking me up,?? he said.

What he didn?t know at the time was the road crew was filled with undercover FBI agents waiting for Coy?s neighbor, Kevin Harpham, to leave his home. Around 8 a.m. Harpham left his home.

?The next thing I know I hear an explosion,? Coy said.

After the explosion, Coy walked outside to see a car on a nearby bridge with its back window blown out and a swarm of FBI agents around the vehicle.

?They told me at one point to stay back because they thought there was a bomb in the car,? Coy said.

Harpham was taken into custody and the car on the bridge was immediately hauled away. FBI agents spent the rest of the day searching Harpham’s property.

?I have seen his place. It?s not very pretty,? Coy said.

Neighbors called Harpham reclusive, and said he has been in the process of building a house on his property for several years. They added he?s generally quiet, keeps to himself and doesn?t like people wandering onto his land.

?My neighbor has had a less than pleasant interaction with him. He has told him to stay the F off his property,? he said.

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