Additional cases of bird flu confirmed in Okanogan, Whatcom counties

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Steve Helber - staff, AP

OKANOGAN CO., Wash. – Additional cases of bird flu have been confirmed in Okanogan and Whatcom counties.

The two most recent cases were found in non-commercial backyard flocks. The two flocks, one with around 100 chickens and the other with nearly 30 birds (chickens, ducks and geese), are quarantined. The birds that have not already succumbed to the virus will be euthanized.

Two cases of avian flu were also confirmed in a backyard flock in Spokane County earlier this week.

State veterinarians are urging flock owners to be hyper-vigilant in ensuring there is no farm-to-farm transfer of the virus from infected flocks and to eliminate exposure of domestic flocks to wild birds.

“Even though the virus has been detected in backyard and wild birds throughout the state, you can still safeguard your birds – but don’t wait,” Dr. Amber Itle, Washington state veterinarian. “If flock owners could remain diligent for just a few weeks until the waterfowl complete their migration north, we are hopeful we can get through the worst of it with lower impact.”

There is no immediate public health threat because avian flu was detected.

People are asked to report unusual, multiple deaths or illnesses among domestic birds to the WSDA Avian Health Program at 1-800-606-3056. Report dead or sick wild birds using the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife’s online reporting tool.

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