Accused child killer to remain out of jail

Accused child killer to remain out of jail

The Spokane man accused of murdering a nine month old baby boy earlier this year has been cleared by a judge to return home until his trial.

Joshua Mobely was charged with second-degree murder in February for the death of Caiden Henry.

Mobley was able to post bail in March when a judged lowered it from $500,000 to $250,000. Then at a hearing last week, a judge allowed Mobley to return home to his wife and kids. He is unable to be alone with his three kids.

Frustrated by both decisions, the family of the baby organized a peaceful protest against the decisions at the Spokane Country Courthouse Wednesday night.

Mobley was Caiden’s babysitter. According to court document, in early February, Caiden’s mother, Crystal Henry, had come home to find Caiden with bruises on his forehead, as if he had fallen. Mobley said it had happened after Caiden banged his head on the crib.

Almost a week later, Mobley sent Henry a picture of Caiden with a text that said “played until he couldn’t.” Later that night, Caiden was found dead. Detectives believe that Mobley had fatally fractured the baby’s skull at that time.

At the protest Wednesday night, the family was angered that Mobley can return home to his own three kids, though the judge has ordered that he only have supervised contact with them.