Academies say Army-Navy hand gestures were a game, not racist

Academies say Army-Navy hand gestures were a game, not racist
AP Photo/Matt Rourke via CNN
A Navy Midshipman signals his classmate on the field ahead of an NCAA college football game between the Army and the Navy, Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019, in Philadelphia.

The US Naval Academy and US Military Academy at West Point said Friday["ad-manager-209287"]= {"custom_css":[],"ad_details":[{"min_width":"","max_width":"","dfp_ad_sizes":[{"dfp_ad_width":"300","dfp_ad_height":"250"}]}],"ad_id":209287,"ad_container":"div-ad-manager-209287","ad_placement":"in-article","ad_name":"ad-manager-209287","position":"in_article","article_position":1,"out_of_page_ad":null,"lazyload":"global"};

According to a report from the officer in charge of the Naval Academy’s preliminary inquiry, the involved midshipmen “were playing the circle game without any racist or white supremacist intent.”

The investigating officer was appointed the day after the incident and assembled over 40 pieces of evidence, mostly consisting of emails and interviews, the report states. The officer interviewed the midshipmen involved in the incident visible in the video as well as several of their supervisors and peers, reviewed video footage of the game and relevant text messages, and researched the circle game.

The officer recommended that “no further investigation into this matter” and that the involved midshipmen’s “conduct be addressed through administrative action … for failure to use good judgment.”

This story has been updated.

CNN’s Kevin Bohn and Greg Clary contributed to this report.