Above average heat and haze today – Mark

Happy Monday!

We have an increased chance of haze because of recent wildfires and temperatures will be very warm.

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Here are your 4 Things to Know for today:

  • The haze will be widespread
  • Some sprinkles are possible mid-week
  • We won’t have too much wind, which is good for firefighters
  • Hot and dry continues will be around all week.

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Taking look at air quality – We are starting the day in the “good” range,  but will likely move into “moderate” later today. Those with health conditions should avoid spending unnecessary time outside.

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Looking at our temperatures statewide, we’ll see highs in the mid to high 90s today.

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There will be chances of increased smoke later today with very warm temps through Wednesday and then it gets hot Thursday through the weekend with 100 degrees expected.

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