Abandoned and vandalized car in Kendall Yards towed away

Abandoned and vandalized car in Kendall Yards towed away

People entering the Kendall Yards District Sunday morning were greeted by offending words to women and people of color.

“Seeing this so open doesn’t make me feel super safe walking around,” said Spokane resident Sarah Dixit.

Sean Libey, a fellow Spokane resident added, “its just really disgusting. I don’t know how many times i can say disgusting.”

Sean Libey was one of the first to call it in Saturday night and was shocked to see it when he returned the following day.

“I’m sure they have their standard operating procedures and they have to go through protocol but at least, you know, the next day it should be gone,” said Libey.

He wasn’t alone with his thinking.

My Fresh Basket and Kendall Yards told KXLY 4 News they repeatedly called the City and checked almost every hour to see if it had been moved.

Finally, signs of progress were seen Monday afternoon as police and the city descended on the vehicle, first to remove the boot, and then to have it towed.

“This isn’t something we experience often in the boot and tow program but occasionally vehicles are vandalized,” said City of Spokane Spokesperson Brian Coddington.”I’m not aware of any others to this extent, this one is more extreme than the others we’ve seen.”

Coddington says they were in fact, following the law. Abandoned vehicles must sit for two business days, giving the owner time to be notified and a chance to pay their bills. The vehicle was found parked on the street outside of My Fresh Basket Thursday. On Friday morning it was given a boot by the City. It was scheduled to be towed Tuesday.

Coddington added, “because the vehicle has been vandalized and has hate speech on it, that triggers the ability for the police department to move it as a junk vehicle and that’s what’s happening today. “

The City says they’ve made several attempts to notify the car owner and have no reason to believe it was stolen.

Sometimes owners are willing to work with them. In this case they weren’t. Fines have not yet been paid.