A step back from sports can give some a new perspective on its priority

SPOKANE, Wash. — With the sports world being put on hold, we continue our discussion on the changes that could mean to some people’s mental health with no games to turn to as a distraction.  Today we talk with EWU professor Chadron Hazelbaker about the new perspective it could give us with a break from all sports.

Non-sports fans may never understand how so many of us can get so wrapped up in the outcome of a game between two teams we really don’t know.

“There are those moments that we can embrace and look and go, ‘does sports mean too much?’ Maybe this is a chance to reconnect with family and the important stuff,” explained Hazelbaker.

Since there are no sports to turn to, we’ve been looking into the changes that could be brought about in daily life and mental health.  For many, sports is less about the game, and more about the community it creates.

“At Eastern and other places where we’ve said sports isn’t important, sports doesn’t really matter it’s just a game, we’re gonna feel some of those feelings of what just a game really means and how that really works within our lives,” says Hazelbaker.  “Yeah it’s just a game, but it’s an important part of a life that needs that distraction or needs that entertainment.”

This break does give us all a chance to step back and take a look at how much sports is prioritiezed in our lives, and perhaps change our views.

“Hopefully superfan, those parents that maybe are yelling at refs a little too much and those things, appriciate more that refs are willing to come out and be in a contamiation zone with their kids or be part of that, I hope that happens,” states Hazelbaker.