A six-week-old puppy left for dead in a dumpster; community looking for answers

A six-week-old puppy left for dead in a dumpster; community looking for answers
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A weeks-old puppy is recovering right now. People living in Worley, Idaho rescued him when they heard him crying inside of a dumpster.

Rescue 4 All, a local non-profit, is taking care of that puppy. He’s suffering a brain injury and needs a lot more care and recovery before he can be adopted. One of the people who found him in north Idaho said they were devastated, but not surprised when they found the small dog.

“He was like number nine. But the other dogs are bigger than the rest of the ones that they found so far,” said Cindy Williams.

Williams helped rescue the dog, and has lived in Worley all her life. She said just recently, she’s seen a series of animal abuse cases .

“Everybody’s kind of creeped out by it,” Williams said.

Cindy can recall the first dog vividly.

“He was still alive, he was yelping as well and we took him out of there. And called animal control and there was nothing they could do,” Williams said.

She said can still feel the pain in her heart thinking about it.

“It just tears you up every time. The first one we found in the dump, I cried for days,” Williams said.

There were more dogs that ended up dead around town. No one has answers, just sights of trauma.

“The owner said it was bloody and it drowned in the pond,” Williams said.

Last week, there was hope for a little one found at the same dump as some of the others.

“There was a puppy in the dumpster, that fourth one up,” Williams said.

‘Sol’ is as cute as can be and has a ton of love to offer.

You might not even guess just last week, he was left for dead in a heap of trash.

“Oh, he was crying. He was crying like he had a lot to say. Just like yelping nonstop,” Williams said.

Sol was pulled out of the dumpster and found his way to jamie at Rescue 4 All.

“He was just a limp. Lifeless puppy. He was breathing and he had his eyes open, but there wasn’t a lot else going on,” said Jamie McAtee, founder of Rescue 4 All.

Now, two of the people who helped rescue Sol hope others will do their part as well.

“People start reporting. Start reporting every time they find a dog mutilated,” Williams said.

If you live in Worley, you can call Kootenai County Animal Control to report animal abuse. In Spokane County, you can call SCRAPS. For Bonner, Grant, Whitman, Ponderay, and Stevens County, you can call your sheriff’s office.

KXLY4 reached out to tribal police, but our calls were not returned. We don’t know who’s doing this to these dogs, only that people like Cindy are looking for answers.

She’s asking you to report it, so dogs like Sol find a family that’ll give him just as much as love as he has to offer.

“He’s not a survivor, he’s a thriver. He is crushing it and everyday he is getting a little bit better,” McAtee said.

Rescue 4 All posted about Sol last Friday. Since then, people have donated more than $4,500. So he’s good with his funds. But if you want to help more dogs like Sol, you can always donate to Rescue 4 All.

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