A rainy weekend, but there will be some breaks if you need to get out – Kris

This is going to be a fantastic weekend to curl up with a book, a few cats and a cup of coffee.  There will be plenty of rain for good naps and extended TV time.  However, there are also leaves to rake, WSU Cougars to cheer on, and dogs to walk.  Luckily, we’ll have some breaks in the wet weather.  You’ll be able to do it all!  Saturday will be the drier of the two weekend days.  Expect a few showers, mainly in the afternoon.  High temperatures will top out in the mid 50s, which is just about average.  Sunday, the steady rains return to the Inland Northwest.  Most likely, things will get started by mid-to-late morning.  Sunday will also be a breezy day with gusty afternoon winds.
Weekend Forecast    Sunday Forecast
Sunday’s rain will come courtesy of an extremely strong mid-latitude cyclone approaching the coast.  It’s another “bomb cyclone”.  This storm is forecast to be the strongest Northwest coastal storm in history, with pressures equivalent to a category 3 hurricane! However, it will weaken before impacting western Washington.  Still, they are bracing for strong winds on the other wide of the Cascades.   Meanwhile, there’s more wet weather ahead for next work week.  It looks like Tuesday will be the rainiest, windiest day.
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