‘A lot more work to be done’: Rep. Riccelli announces campaign for re-election

Marcus Riccelli
Marcus Riccelli

SPOKANE, Wash. — Representative Marcus Riccelli announced he will not be running for Spokane County Commissioner, but will instead campaign for re-election in 2022.

Riccelli was the lead sponsor of the 2018 law that expanded the number of county commissioners from three to five, with the first election occurring in 2022.

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Many voters believed Riccelli would run for a seat in the upcoming Spokane County commissioner elections.

“After a great deal of reflection and conversation, I will not be running for Commissioner, but I believe there are a number of great people that will be stepping up to do just that and I look forward to supporting them!” Riccelli said in the announcement.

Riccelli has represented Washington’s third legislative district since 2013.

“Working for the families and businesses of my hometown has always been a driving force in my public service, and I believe the most effective way to do that is to continue my work in the legislature,” Riccelli said. “I’m ready to return to Olympia and continue to deliver for our community. With your help, we will grow our economy from the middle out, ensuring every child has an equal opportunity to thrive regardless of the zip code they were born in.”

You can read Riccelli’s full statement here.

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