A drier and warmer afternoon – Mark

We will have more sunshine and warm weather are in today’s forecast. We will be in the mid 80s this afternoon, with it peaking at 83 degrees later in the evening.

Wed Mid 12 Hrs

Here are Your 4 things to know about the upcoming forecast. We will have sun and clouds today, and it will stay warm all week. We will see more sun this weekend, where it will be warm and will heat up even more heading into next week.

Wed Mid 4 Things

Just above-average highs are in today’s forecast, and we will see it dry out more. Spokane and Coeur d’Alene will see highs of 83 and 84 degrees respectively, and conditions are similar as you go more north.

Wed Highs

Not much will change for Thursday’s highs. Temperatures will dip only a few degrees with few clouds in the sky.

Wed Thu Highs

On Wednesday, we will see clear and sunny skies later in the day. Temperatures will be in the low 80’s all week with mostly sunny conditions. Next week, we expect to see 90-degree weather in the forecast.

Wed Planning