A delivery disaster has caused one local man four months of grief

A delivery disaster has caused one local man four months of grief

Up until four months ago, Rey Delgado had been selling items on eBay for over a decade without a single problem.

In September, he sold $400 worth of refrigerant on eBay. Like always, he paid the United States Postal Service shipping fees through eBay. When his wife went to drop it off, the post office said the weight was incorrect.

“They told her it would be an additional $20 shipping because the $50 would not cover the shipping,” said Delgado. “So she paid it, they took the box and I just assumed it was going to the purchaser.”

It wasn’t. Far from it.

Two weeks later he received a letter in the mail.

“My box and the refrigerant were in Tacoma because it was over the allowable shipping limit,” explained Rey.

He had thirty days to pick up the item or risk it being destroyed.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I thought it was incredible. How could they make me go pick up a package five hours away, when they took it there?” shared Rey.

He went and was given his $20, but not the original $50 payment.

KXLY 4 News reached out to the post office who acknowledged it was their mistake to send the package but was told in a statement from Ernie Swanson with the United States Postal Service, “$50 was provided through a third party and he needs to talk with that party involved.”

He went to eBay and they sent him right back to the post office. It might sound like a small amount of money, but this four month battle has now taken on a whole new meaning to Rey.

“It comes down to principle,” explained Rey. “The fact that no one should be taken advantage of and lost in a big system that is unable to have checks and balances.”

KXLY 4 brought his story to the Better Business Bureau who said it might be worth filing a complaint with eBay through them. While they have an A+ rating, there are lots of negative reviews.

“eBay has consistently shown that they respond to them,” said Kirstin Davis with the Better Business Bureau.

Rey said it is something he is going to look into.

“It’s taken up a lot of time but I am not going to give up,” he added.