A closer look at Gov. Inslee’s statewide mask requirement

SPOKANE, Wash. — Governor Inslee says masks are no longer recommended in most public places, they’ll be required beginning Friday. 

You’ll need to wear one in the store and outside in public when you can’t stay at least six feet away from someone else. 

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The news is getting quite a reaction in eastern Washington. 

4 News Now reached out to viewers, asking whether people thought the order was a wise decision, and if they plan to follow it. 

“We may think that we’re done with this virus, but the virus is not done with us,” said Governor Inslee. 

State health officials are now seeing what they’ve feared throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals at Yakima County- the state’s epicenter- are at capacity. 

“That means patients are having to be shipped by ambulance outside Yakima County to Seattle and other places,” Inslee said. 

It’s a nightmare scenario the governor doesn’t want to see in other areas. It’s why he’s making masks a requirement in most public places beginning Friday.  

“I’d say it’s a good idea for masks to be mandatory inside stores, you know anything closer than six feet apart, it’s kind of iffy,” said Spokane resident Ariana Gonzalez. 

Masks will be required inside public places like grocery stores. You won’t have to wear one in bars or restaurants if you are actively eating or drinking, or if you’re outside, at least six feet away from other people. 

Inslee says the order is enforceable by law. Violators could receive a misdemeanor. 

So, what do you think of the order? In just hours, almost 2,000 people responded to our survey. CLICK HERE to leave your input.