A chance to dance, for the visually impaired

A chance to dance, for the visually impaired

A local non-profit is making the lives of those living with visual impairment brighter, one dance step at a time.

On Saturday, Day Out For The Blind hosted a Valentine’s dance for those with visual impairment in north Spokane.

The Avalon Dance Band played music, while volunteers took the lead on the dance floor.

86 year old Cathie Swam is blind in her right eye and losing vision in her left. She started attending Day Out For The Blind events in 1999. Swam said the weekly bingo nights, dances have made a huge difference in her life.

While she can no longer do the jitterbug dance, she said she enjoys catching up with friends and connecting with other people living with visual impairments. Swam said volunteers on and off the dance floor make special events possible.

“The person just has to lead you around and we have some very good dancers and they help you,” Swam said.

“We’re like family,” Swam said.

Day Out For The Blind hosts weekly events at its location at 1502 E Holyoke Ave Spokane, WA 99217.

If you’d like to volunteer for the organization or attend an event contact John Gaumer: santasog@yahoo.com