A beautiful weekend is on the way! – Mark

A beautiful weekend is in your future!

We start off the weekend with a gorgeous Friday. We’ll be mostly sunny with a few clouds, and temperatures reaching up in the mid to high 70s.

Fri Rest Of

Here are your 4 Things to Know:

  • Today will be sunny and warm
  • We’ll see 80s this weekend
  • Mild mornings
  • Rain and cooler weather is expected next week

Fri Mid 4 Things

Today’s highs are above average, with mostly mid to highs 70s, but some 80s toward central Washington.

Fri Highs

Tomorrow we’ll see 80s, and this could be our last 80-degree day this year.

Fri Sat His

High pressure brings in warmer than average conditions for today, Saturday and Sunday. A cold front moves in Monday with clouds and starts a cool down with rain showers Monday evening through Wednesday morning.

Fri Planning 7 Day