7 years later: Family finally able to live under one roof in Spokane’s newest affordable housing complex

SPOKANE, Wash — On Wednesday, all 73 units at Gonzaga Family Haven, Spokane’s newest affordable housing complex, are ready for move-in.

“We continue to tackle the housing instability problem in Eastern Washington,” said Rob McCann, CEO for Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington. “Gonzaga Family Haven is an example of that.”

McCann explained they don’t evict anyone on the property and families pay what they can. He estimates they need at least 10,000 more affordable housing family units, like Gonzaga Family Haven in Spokane.

“We’re planning these three and four years out,” he said. “We like to try and build sometimes two or three a year, in different parts of Eastern Washington. Every time we build them, it’s sorely needed housing.”

Jerrica Ford moved into her apartment with her family in February.

“We just couldn’t get ahead enough to pay for, first, last deposit, anywhere,” she said. “I could maybe find a place for me and the kids, but not a place for me, my husband and the kids. Especially with roommates and staying with family and things like that.”

This is the first time in 7 years her family has all been under one roof.

“My husband worked very hard, and he was working well over 40 hours a week, and because of how expensive it is, we just couldn’t find anything,” Ford said.

Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington is in the process of building several other affordable housing complexes like Gonzaga Family Haven, including another one in Spokane, and one in Colville and Pasco.

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