600 late ballots in the mail

600 late ballots in the mail

The ballots are in the mail according to Spokane County but for nearly 600 people, they should have arrived a whole lot earlier.

Spokane County Officials say due to a software error in the Department of Licensing’s driver licensing database system, information for certain potential voters was not transmitted to the Office of the Secretary of State’s Voter Registration Database under Washington’s Motor Voter law.

Nearly 600 county residents who attempted to register were not added to the voter rolls. Those voters were finally added on Wednesday, February 7. The county then proceeded to mail their ballots for the February 13 special election the same day.

Nearly 7,000 people across the state were affected by the software error.

Voters can verify their address, name and registration information by clicking here.

Questions or concerns about voter status can be directed to the Spokane County Auditor’s office at (509) 477-2320.