5th District candidate Lisa Brown releases tax return

5th District candidate Lisa Brown releases tax return
Lisa Brown (@lisa4congress) | Twitter
Photo via: Lisa Brown (@lisa4congress) | Twitter

On the heels of her opponent releasing her 2017 tax returns, Lisa Brown has done the same.

For the first time, Brown filed jointly with her new husband. She married City of Spokane policy adviser Brian McClatchey last fall. Together, the couple had wages totaling $319,401, which includes Brown’s salary for the first eight months of the year as Washington State University-Spokane chancellor.

The couple had a total tax bill of $69,487 for 2017, including $10,658 for mortgage interest and $15,766 in charitable donations.

The couple had already paid $77,226 in taxes during 2017, and will get a refund of $7,739.

Lisa Brown’s opponent, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her husband Brian Rodgers reported an adjusted gross income of $214,954 and got a refund of $5,892.

Both McMorris Rodgers and Brown say they believe in transparency in government, which is why they made their tax returns public.