#4ThePeople: Local voters share what’s important to them this upcoming election

SPOKANE, Wash. — 4 News Now is committed to answering your questions during this election season, and hearing the issues you’re most concerned about. 

It’s why we asked viewers if they would join us, and other voters, to talk about the election and why they’re supporting a specific candidate. 

Three local voters joined us for this conversation. 

With just 13 days until the November election, most voters have made up their minds. 

“We’ve got to change things,” said Derek Reynolds. “It’s unacceptable the way things are right now.” 

Reynolds worked for the Obama campaign several years ago. Unsurprisingly, he’s supporting Joe Biden. 

“I worked for Obama so I had a personal relationship with the vice president so trustworthiness… He’s who you see, you know, he’s a real guy, he has a heart and he cares,” said Reynolds. 

“I did not vote in 2016. This is actually my first year voting, 2020, and I’m voting for Trump,” said Justin, who asked for his last name to not be used. 

Justin, a mental health technician, fears America is heading toward socialism. 

“Right now, I’m going for our freedoms and our liberties,” said Justin. 

Jordan Magrath is a high school english teacher at Colfax High School. 

“In 2016, I voted for Hillary Clinton and then the plan is for 2020 to vote for Joe Biden,” said Magrath. 

So, what do these three think are the biggest issues this election? 

“I feel like the left is definitely trying to defund the police,” said Justin. “They are for gun control, they seem to be advocating for riots and violence. For me, they’re going for higher taxes, weaker military.” 

“The economy,” said Reynolds. “We have to help small business, without small business we can’t have a functioning economy.” 

What are you looking for in tomorrow night’s debate and are you planning to watch? 

“I would actually like to see a back and forth with candidates actually answering the questions,” said Magrath. 

“Tax plans, healthcare plans, way to get out of COVID crisis, that’s what I want to hear,” said Reynolds. 

All three men agree politics have become too divisive. 

“It’s not possible for everyone to get together and talk despite our beliefs,” said Reynolds. “It’s as simple as this right here.” 

It seems like everything seems so binary. Like you have to be on one side or the other, and that’s just really not how life works,” said Magrath. 

“We definitely have to come together and this is America. We have to be proud of it,” said Justin. 

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