#4ThePeople: I accidentally signed my spouse’s ballot, will it still get counted?

Spokane County Ballots Ready To Mail Out

SPOKANE, Wash. — Voter turnout this year has been high this year, with more than a quarter of Spokane County voters and nearly half of absentee voters in Kootenai County turning in their ballots already.

With all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to make a simple mistake — one viewer wrote to us on our #4ThePeople page and asked: “I made a mistake and signed my wife’s ballot. How can I fix that?”

We took that question straight to the Elections Office.

“Signing the envelope of someone else in the household happens in every election,” said county auditor Vicky Dalton. “We will count the ballot for the signature that is on the envelope, not the name printed on the envelope.”

This means if you signed your spouse’s envelope, for example, they can just sign their signature on yours.

This grace does not extend to forging signatures, of course. Dalton says that if you try to forge someone’s signature, they will receive a signature mismatch letter.

“She has a choice. She can either sign the letter, which means she is affirming that she voted that ballot,” explained Dalton. “Or, if she didn’t vote the ballot, she can contact us to receive a new ballot; this option is only available on or before election day.”