#4ThePeople: All of your last-minute ballot questions, answered

SPOKANE, Wash. — With six days to go until election day, the Spokane County Elections office has received 200,000 ballots already, but they are expecting around 330,000 when it is all said and done Tuesday night.  With the potential for long lines Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton wants everyone to know that anyone in line by 8 p.m. on election night, they will have their vote counted.

“So whether you’re at one of our drop boxes, if you’re in line at 8 o’clock you will get to drop in your ballot or you’re at a voter service center and you’re in line at 8 o’clock you will be served,” said  Dalton.

If you were to lose your ballot or if it is spoiled before you drop your ballot off, the elections office will issue a replacement ballot and envelopes so the individual can still vote.  Dalton says it is possible for voters to receive multiple ballots, but it is the last ballot you received that is the active ballot you want to fill and return to the elections office or a drop box.

“The reason you may receive more than one ballot is not because you’re registered more than once, it’s because there’s a change to your voter record,” said Dalton.

Through six presidential elections, Dalton has seen it all, but what is the strangest circumstance she’s experienced?

“A lady who came in with a ballot in a zip lock bag and her husband had dropped it in the toilet… yeah we replaced that ballot,” she said with a slight laugh.

To avoid these scenarios officials say just get your ballot in as soon as you can.  Even former President Barack Obama is encouraging voters to do the same.

“Don’t take any chances… just get it done,” he told a crowd in Orlando on Tuesday while stumping for Joe Biden.

The elections office will be using the Spokane Arena on Monday and Tuesday for voter services including registration and replacing ballots.  The elections office will still be used as the location for processing and counting ballots.

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