45-home development approved for Latah Valley, but developers have to pay for traffic mitigation

Tangle Ridge development
Preliminary plan for the Tangle Ridge development in South Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — 45 new homes will be built in Spokane’s Latah Valley, with an approval for the new development coming from the hearing examiner this week. But, it can’t be done without the developer committing to traffic mitigation projects in the area.

The development known as Tangle Ridge is surrounded on three sides by the Eagle Ridge development and will inherently add cars to US-195.

The hearing examiner’s decision says the site is within the Urban Growth Area and “is designated precisely for this type of development.” It calls the development “a natural progression in the residential development, consistent with long-term plans for the area.”

The homes will add more traffic to the area, though, as will other proposed developments in the Latah Valley.

In this case, the developer will be required to contribute to the funding and construction of a j-turn improvement at US 195/Meadowlane Road, along with another project that attempts to reduce the impacts of traffic on the ramp connecting 195 to I-90.

The developer cannot plat any lots until it shows a financial commitment to that transportation mitigation project.

The decision references steep sloping on the east side of the site that could impact building and present an erosion hazard.

The decision also cites a cultural survey requested by the Spokane Tribe of Indians that did not reveal any new archaeological resources or historic-era cultural materials.

One concern that did arise was access to trails that cross the property. There were also requests to develop a trial that connects to the trail system in Eagle Ridge. The hearing examiner said a decision to build a trial system would be up to the developer.