4 News Now Q&A: Will COVID-19 vaccine distribution change with the Biden administration?

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Q: Will COVID-19 vaccine distribution change with the Biden administration?

A: This week, our nation not only saw a historic Inauguration Day, but also hit a major COVID-19 milestone: the one-year anniversary of the first confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis in the country.

With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing, President Biden ramping up vaccinations across the country. Now, many people want to know how distribution is going to change with a new administration in office.

President Biden has what experts are calling an “ambitious yet achievable” goal of 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office. To accomplish that, the president directed FEMA to begin setting up vaccination centers. He hopes to have 100 up and running in a month. President Biden is also ordering the CDC to begin a program to make vaccines available through local pharmacies starting next month.

“We’ve talked about it here will be these local pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, they’ve already been on board, but that can only take us so far,” ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said. “Then we will be seeing it occur in community clinics, eventually doctors’ offices depending on the vaccine. I think we’re going to start to see a lot of that change very quickly in the first three months.”

Some experts say the administration should be setting a higher bar for itself than 100 million shots.

Dr. Christopher Murray with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle says during flu season, the country is able to vaccinate about 3 million people a day. He says given the number of people dying from COVID-19, we could and should do more.

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