4 News Now Q&A: What happens if you delay the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?

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Q: What happens if you delay the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine? 

A: Severe weather around the nation is causing a delay in vaccine shipments here in Washington. The Department of Health expects more than 90 percent of this week’s shipment will arrive late. Moderna vaccines have not yet shipped because of the poor weather, and Pfizer vaccines are limited right now.

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For many people waiting to get their second shot, this can feel like a big bump in the road to getting fully vaccinated.

If you got the Moderna vaccine, ideally you would get your second shot 28 days after your first one. If you got the Pfizer vaccine, the second dose should be given 21 days after the first.

New CDC guidance recommends that the first dose be administered as close to that recommended timeline as possible, but the shot will still be effective if there is a short delay in getting the second dose. The CDC says you can get a second shot up to 42 days after the first dose if need be.

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