4 News Now Q&A: What COVID safety protocol should SPS families know about this fall?

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Q: What COVID safety protocol should SPS families know about this fall? 

A: Spokane Public Schools families should know those daily health checks are a thing of the past. But contact tracing and quarantine policy will still be enforced.

Contact tracing & quarantine

SPS staff and students who test positive for COVID will be quarantined 10 days from when they had symptoms, or from when they tested positive. Student who were exposed to the positive case will be quarantined for 10 days from exposure. However, they will be able to return to school on day seven if they test negative at least five days after exposure.

This, like everything else in the district’s reopening plan, can change as guidance evolves.

Cleaning protocol 

As for cleaning protocol, the district says high touch surfaces and P.E. equipment will be cleaned at the end of each day. Students and staff will be encouraged to wash their hands before and after touching shared items.

Seating arrangements 

Seating arrangements will be a major difference this fall. For elementary school students, seating charts are mandatory, and kids should still sit at least three feet apart. But now, they can face any direction. Teachers say they are excited the seating structure is a little more relaxed.

“Kids all had to be facing the same direction, so when you walked into a kindergarten classroom, you saw rows. And that’s just not what we know is best for kids,” Longfellow Elementary Principal Adam Oakley said.

For more information on all the changes, visit Spokane Public Schools frequently asked question page.

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