4 News Now Q&A: Should you get your kids vaccinated against COVID-19?

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Q: Should you get your kids vaccinated against COVID-19? 

A: COVID-19 vaccine eligibility for teenagers and even younger children could just be days away. But even when the shot is approved for use, some parents are still on the fence, and many still have questions.

We turned to the experts to find answers.

Why do kids need to be vaccinated at all? 

While there have not been as many deaths from COVID-19 in children as adults, health experts want to remind you your kids can still get the virus. Just as importantly, they can transmit the virus to adults. The American Academy of Pediatrics reported this week that children now make up more than 22 percent of all new weekly cases, and nearly 4 million children have been diagnosed with COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Will children experience the same side effects as adults? 

Initial information from Pfizer’s clinical trials shows side effects were generally consistent with those in older trial participants. But once the vaccine is authorized, more specific data on possible side effects will be available.

Will kids get the same dose of the vaccines as adults?

Pfizer is asking for the same dosing for 12- to 15-year-olds as adults in its current request.

Moderna and Pfizer are currently undergoing what is referred to as “dosing” trials, where researchers work to figure out how much of the vaccine kids can tolerate, and how much they need to be protected. After researchers find an appropriate dose with the younger children, they will move onto the second part of the trial, which includes splitting children into a placebo and a treatment group.

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