4 News Now Q&A: How safe is your vote?

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Q: How safe is your vote?

A: You have probably read the headlines, or scrolled through the tweets. At the center of it all is concern about election security, fueled by a president who believes voter fraud is rampant during this election.

But how accurate are those claims?

As of Friday, ballots are still being counted in several key states, with incredibly thin margins separating President Trump and Joe Biden. One of those states is Georgia. A state official there says efforts are underway to determine how many outstanding provisional ballots still need to be counted.

Gabriel Sterling oversees the statewide voting system in Georgia. He emphasized that even though the count is taking a long time, it is not because of either voting suppression or fraud.

“There are 159 election directors and employees who are here doing the job to protect democracy,” Sterling said. “When you go to talk to them, they think about that. They think about the votes of every person in this room and around the country. These are people who are not involved in voter fraud. These people are not involved in voter suppression. I am tell you they are doing their jobs every day. It is hard. We are thankful for them for it, and we are going to work with them to make sure every legal. lawful ballot is counted.”

The Trump Campaign announced legal challenges regarding absentee ballots, and more access for campaign observers to ballot counting, in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

“We are going to secure, protect and count all these votes,” Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, said. “We are counting them now.”

There are few cases of fraud in states that have expansive vote-by-mail systems, where millions of ballots have already been counted. Each state also has tools to protect election integrity with these mail-in ballots.

While we wait for results, officials urge you to be aware of any misinformation, and practice patience when it comes to the outcome of this election.

“Rest assured, our partners at the state and local level are working around the clock to make sure that each vote is counted properly,” Acting United States Secretary of Homeland Security said.

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