4 News Now, local media highlight issue of domestic violence in Spokane County

Domestic violence is a problem that touches every income level in every community. In Spokane County, rates for domestic violence are higher than anywhere else in Washington. That’s why 4 News Now and other media across the community will take part in a community conversation on the issue Monday night.

At 7 pm, 4 News Now and other participating stations will air a 30-minute, commercial-free documentary called End the Violence. Locally produced, it features staggering statistics and programs in place to try to end the violence in our community. At the center of it, a woman shares her story of abuse.

In addition to the documentary 4 News Now is dedicating resources to highlighting this issue. Beginning last week, we’re sharing stories of local victims and what got them through the pain of domestic violence. We’ll also explore solutions, the effectiveness of laws currently in place and ways anyone in the community can help those in need.

The documentary airs at 7 pm Monday on 4 News Now and will stream live on www.kxly.com