4 News Now hosting Vaccine Day to inform and provide access to the COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccine Day

A year ago, we were barely beginning the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that have devastated so many lives in our community. Now, the vaccine is available and accessible throughout Washington and Idaho. While thousands in our community have had at least one dose of the vaccine, many others have not, either because of lack of access or lack of information about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. That’s why 4 News Now is joining the other Morgan Murphy Media TV stations across the country for a day dedicated to vaccine information.

Vaccine Day, or #INWVaccineDay as our friends on Twitter will call it, aims to bring experts together to provide as much information as possible about where to get the vaccine. We also know that a lot of you have questions, especially when it comes to safety and our kids.

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From morning until night on Thursday, May 13th, we’ll be sharing stories on TV and online. We’ll be talking to local doctors and giving real-time information about vaccine appointments in our area. We’ll also be hosting special Facebook Live conversations throughout the day, focused on the topics you are most concerned about.

We hope you’ll join us in spreading the word about this important vaccine and this important day. For those already vaccinated, let’s help others in our community with support and information as they make the decision that can finally turn the corner on this pandemic.

We look forward to sharing your stories and getting meaningful answers to your most-asked questions.

See you on Vaccine Day, Thursday May 13th on 4 News Now and kxly.com.