4 News Now and BECU announce this fall’s Extreme Team project

4 News Now and BECU announce this fall’s Extreme Team project

The 4 News Now Extreme Team and BECU have announced which non-profit they are helping this fall. Several times a year, Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team reach out to an organization or an individual who needs their help. This fall, it’s not just people who need their help, it’s animals too.

After going through all the nominations, BECU and the Extreme Team have chosen Rescue 4 All for their next project.

On Rescue 4 All’s website, Jamie McAtee, the founder and executive director, explains she is an animal advocate who works to make sure animals that have had a rough go of it find their way into a caring and loving situation. McAtee goes on to explain that most dogs Rescue 4 All takes in are animals that no one else is willing or able to care for.

According to their mission statement, Rescue 4 All’s goal is to, “create, cultivate and foster a community of like-minded people who want to be better for their animals.” The organization is solely funded by public donations.

Because of their good work, 4 News Now and BECU felt Rescue 4 All was the perfect candidate for the Extreme Team’s next project. The non-profit just recently purchased land, and while they have been working on the 4,000 sq. foot property for months, it’s still in need of a little TLC. So, toward the end of September and beginning of October, Mark and the team will work to finish the refuge, getting it up and running, so the dogs have a place to call home temporarily… while Rescue 4 All works to help them in a space that fits their needs.