4 Mead School District employees terminated over state’s vaccine requirement

MEAD, Wash.– The Mead School Board on Monday voted to terminate four of its employees for not following the state’s vaccine mandate.

The vote to terminate the employees was not unanimous.

Board Director Michael Cannon posted to Facebook after a school board meeting that he voted “no” in all four cases and that he has been against the state’s vaccine mandate.

“Yes, there was an exception process, and maybe in these cases it could’ve been better utilized. But at the end of the day, I disagree with the mandate altogether and I can’t vote to terminate someone else for disagreeing with it too,” his post said in part.

Last week, the school district said all of its 1,774 employees were either vaccinated or had an exemption approved. Last Tuesday, school leaders said there were eight exemptions in the process of being approved that they expected to go through.

A spokesperson for the school district, Todd Zeidler, confirmed on Tuesday that four employees had been terminated at the board meeting for failing to comply with the state’s vaccination mandate. He did not say what changed from last week to now.

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