4 for 4: Getting to know Spokane Public School Board candidate Kellilin MacFarlane

4 for 4: Getting to know Spokane Public School Board candidate Kellilin MacFarlane
Kellilin MacFarlane is a candidate for Spokane Public Schools' Board of Directors. 

Kellilin MacFarlane is a candidate for Spokane Public Schools’ Board of Directors Position 2.

MacFarlane is a teacher with 15 years of experience in primary, second and post-secondary education. She has taught in several school districts and regularly teaches college history and adult basic education courses.

MacFarlane went to high school in New Mexico, then went on to receive her bachelor’s degree from CSU Dominguez Hills. She received her master’s degree from Norwich University.

MacFarlane answered the following four questions for 4 News Now.

What is the biggest issue the district is currently dealing with? What’s your solution?

I think the biggest issue in the district is the budget. Since it acts as an umbrella to all plans and decisions. We need to fix the budget. Since most of the decisions that have been made to get the budget to where it is was done before I decided to run for School Board and often behind closed doors; I cannot commit to a solution until I have all the information.

What is the biggest safety gap in Spokane Public Schools? Do you think school resource officers should be armed?

The fact that we do not take a proactive approach to school security is the biggest safety gap. We need to arm CROs and we need a true one entry system at all schools.

What do you foresee as the biggest challenges the community will face with upcoming boundary changes? How will the school board mitigate families’ concerns?

I think the biggest issue that families will face is change. It is often scary or stressful to change schools and asking kids heading into 6th grade at their Elementary School to now go to a Middle School can be stressful. However, I think that it does lessen the over crowding classroom issues as well as the additional stress on an already strapped budget. I think kids and families should take the time to get to know the new school, staff, and teachers. Know that they are not alone in their concerns and in the end I think the change will have an overall good outcome.

How do you define student success?

If we can get a student to be prepared for the next step in their life, Elementary kids prepared for Middle School, Middle School kids prepared for High School, and High School kids prepared for the world. I will call that student success. We need fully staffed schools and to get back to education that includes Respect, Responsibility and Accountability.