3,000 plants, 250 trees planted in downtown at 9th annual Reforest Spokane

Hundreds of volunteers didn’t let the cold slow them down Saturday morning as they gathered to plant trees at the 9th annual Reforest Spokane.

“Trees are powerful,” said Chelsea Updegrove with the Lands Council.

To put things into perspective: Updegrove says one large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people.

Though powerful, the negative impacts of urbanization have taken a toll on tree populations.

Which is why each year members of Spokane’s Lands Council invite people to participate in the largest community tree planting in the Inland Northwest.

Close to 300 volunteers gathered on Saturday to plant thousands of trees at the corner of Washington and 1st Ave.

Check out the line for people registered for Reforest #Spokane this morning. The @LandsCouncil and volunteers will be planting some trees here on the corner of Washington and 1st Ave. #4NewsNow @kxly4news pic.twitter.com/zc2RIoKrYD

— Elenee Dao KXLY (@Elenee_Dao) October 12, 2019

The work is just getting started! About 300 volunteers will plant 3,000 plants and 250 trees in a few areas in downtown. #4NewsNow @kxly4news pic.twitter.com/aWlfJMfT5l

— Elenee Dao KXLY (@Elenee_Dao) October 12, 2019