3 tips for talking to your kids about coronavirus

SPOKANE, Wash. — Mental health experts are sharing advice to help parents understand the healthiest ways to help their children cope with the uncertainty and fear caused by coronavirus.

Frontier Behavioral Health Outpatient Services Director Suzie Johnson said in a press conference Monday that the first step is starting a conversation.

1. Have a conversation

“Sit down, eye-to-eye with your kiddo and ask them what’s going on, how are they feeling, what do they know,” Johnson said. “Then sit with them and explain what’s going on and talk to them about we’re going to get through this.”

2. Have fun together

“Watch a funny movie. Let’s play some games. Let’s be mindful to have some fun,” Johnson said.

3. Have a regular schedule

“This is a time when people might back up from their normal schedule and I would say, don’t back up,” Johnson said. “Even be more scheduled. Be more purposeful in maintaining good sleep, hygiene, good exercise, and good nutrition.”

Watch Johnson’s full briefing here.

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