3 things you should know about ‘maskne’


SPOKANE, Wash.– More people than ever are wearing masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s now a mandate in Washington. But, wearing one has had unintended consequences for some. Their face has started to break out.

Cashmere Boutique Spa Owner Emily Clark said she’s seeing more and more clients who are dealing with acne for the first time. She sat down with 4 News Now to offer some skincare advice during the pandemic.

“Lots of people are coming in, who have never had a problem with acne in the past, are now having a lot of breakouts underneath these masks,” Clark said.

1. You’re not alone

Specialists say many people who wear masks long term are having breakouts. Clark explained that it’s especially common in the chin area because masks rub on the skin.    There’s another factor though, according to Clark.

“You have the pollution coming from your breath. That Carbon Dioxide coming out is causing those pollution particles to get suck in your follicles and it’s causing breakouts,” Clark said.

2. Skip makeup or find an alternative option

Packing on more makeup to cover up the acne under your mask could make it worse. Clark recommends skipping makeup, if you can. Or apply it to the part of your face not covered by a mask. Clark said using a tinted moisturizer is another great option. It can give you coverage, without clogging your pores.Skincare Acne Products That Are Sold At Cashmere Spa

3. Book a skincare consultation

Picking the right skincare treatment can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never had breakouts before. Clark suggests turning to an expert for a skincare consultation. It’s a time where you can ask discuss your specific needs and worries with a skincare expert, whether it’s at a local spa or dermatology office.

“Even just coming in for a skincare consultation about what you should be using at home is always beneficial because there are so many options out there and so many different ingredients,” Clark said.

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