Taking care of your own mental health in isolation

Coronavirus Special Report: March 23, 2020

SPOKANE, Wash. — Health experts are weighing in on how people can adjust in a healthy way to the changes brought on by Coronavirus.

Frontier Behavioral Health Outpatient Services Director Suzie Johnson shared some tips in a press conference Monday.

1. Keep a regular schedule

“This is a time when people might back up from their normal schedule and I would say, don’t back up,” Johnson said. “Even be more scheduled. Be more purposeful in maintaining good sleep, hygiene, good exercise, good nutrition.”

2. Be gracious with yourself and others

“We’re at a tough time and nobody’s perfect. There’s no manual of how to handle this. So, I just want to encourage parents, you know, be gracious with yourself. Permission to fail, ask for forgiveness and move on,” Johnson said.

3. Be nice

“Just be kind. Kindness goes a long way and research shows, even us acting in kindness to some people, just others watching us be kind helps elevate their moods,” Johnson said.

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