26 Dresses Makes it To St. Louis

26 Dresses Makes it To St. Louis
26 Dresses Makes it To St. Louis

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve heard from Ron Ulrich, the man behind 26 Dresses, 26 Weeks and 2,600 miles. He’s still in the process of collecting wedding dresses to wear during his epic hike through the Pacific Crest Trail. Hopefully when this is all done, he’ll have a story for his upcoming 20-year high school reunion.

His latest update, through an interview with KMOX News Radio in St. Louis, Missouri, revealed that he had seven out of the 26 dresses he needed for his trip. Charlie Brennan, a mid-morning talk-show host for the station, had a chance to interview Ulrich.

Brennan stumbled upon the KXLY story or what he called a “Spo-kane” newspaper. He thought it was the craziest thing ever, called Ulrich for a story since he was a St. Louis native. Technically from Florissant. Turns out Ron was in St. Louis visiting family. Next thing you know, he’s in the studio with Brennan telling his story and even getting calls from listeners loving the idea and even hating it.

One woman, Joan, called in to say that she was looking for lamp shade donations.

“I think anyone that comes up with a crazy stupid idea, people are going to throw their money at it. I’m going to walk 1,500 miles with a lamp shade on my head. Somebody donate lamp shades. I wear a size small,” Joan said.

Brennan quickly responded, “If you have a lampshade for Joan give us a call.”

Ron is still looking for wedding dress donations. If you have one hanging out in the back of your closest taking up space, this is your opportunity to help out a dreamer. That’s what his Auntie Katie from San Diego called him. She called into the KMOX show as well.

“I’m proud that he has the courage and conviction. He’s bold enough to do something different,” Katie said. She continued, “He’s a dreamer. We need more dreamers. We need people that just jump at ideas. We are so proud of him. We’re going to be at Campo, [California] next year to watch him launch his trip.”

You can listen to Ron’s interview with Brennan online at KMOX’s website. To help out with his search for dresses, contact: northwesternadventurer@gmail.com. For updates about his project, like 26 on Facebook which includes links to the concept photos, his blog and more.