24-time convicted felon allegedly breaks into home while out on bail

24-time convicted felon allegedly breaks into home while out on bail
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As Lisa Wilson begins her week hopping from pawn shop to pawn shop looking for the jewelry stolen from her in a brazen burglary, she wants to know why the man suspected of the crime was ever out of jail in the first place.

On January 22, burglars hit Wilson’s home, looting tens of thousands of dollars of jewelry and valuables. The crime has left her shaken.

“Even in the middle of the day, I’m checking the locks all the time. I’m nervous, I’m looking around, we’ve put in a full security system,” Wilson said.

One of the men allegedly involved in the crime is 38-year-old Donald Myhren.

Myhren is suspected of the burglary just three months after posting bail for another burglary charge.

Myhren has a lengthy criminal history, including 24 felonies. Sixteen of those charges are for residential burglaries.

In 2013, Myhren was convicted of multiple burglary charges and was taken into custody by the Department of Corrections. He was released from prison in October 2017, where he was taken into community supervision. He was to remain under supervision for a little more than four years.

But, according to court documents, Myhren was suspected of a burglary in April 2018 and again in August 2018.

Myhren was finally taken into custody on October 15, 2018 and also racked up several other charges. A judge set his bail at $10,000, which he posted.

While awaiting trial for the other burglary charges, police say he was able to hit Wilson’s home. That burglary was also caught on surveillance video.

“I don’t understand it. I question what’s going on with the justice system. To me, it’s broken if you can’t protect your citizens that these guys are getting out and breaking in time and time again,” Wilson said.

Wilson said that she believes Myhren’s history shows that he will never change his ways. Myhren nearly confessed the same thing in court documents.

In a document related to April’s burglary, an officer said he spoke on the phone with Myhren, where he said “I know I’m in trouble. I have a long history and this is what I do.”

Myhren is back in custody and on a DOC hold this time.

Spokane Superior Court says when Myhren was arrested in October, it was for a new case, so every defendant is required to get a bond. KXLY is still trying to determine why a judge chose to set that bond at just $10,000.

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