24 dead, 267 test positive for COVID-19 in Washington State

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Twenty four people have now died from COVID-19, according to the Washington State Department of Health.

The latest round of results from the health department indicate 267 people have tested positive for the virus, while 2,175 people have tested negative.

Cases have been reported in both western and eastern Washington, but King and Snohomish Counties have been hit the hardest. There are still no confirmed cases in Spokane County.

On Tuesday, Governor Jay Inslee announced new guidelines for nursing homes and long-term care facilities in an effort to minimize the spread of coronavirus, as the elderly and immunocompromised are most at risk.

The new guidelines restrict the number of visitors and who can visit those care facilities, and employees and volunteers must now be screened for coronavirus symptoms each time they show up for work.

Inslee said up to 64,000 people could be infected with coronavirus by May if actions are not taken to prevent its spread.

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